36 — All Pop Culture Plugs

May 8, 2017

NOT A SOLO EPISODE. Your beloved host @Jordyce sits alone to muse about his favorite TV shows and podcasts, then teaches you SECRET TRICKS for CHEAP FOOD!


35 — David Correos

May 1, 2017

He's finally here! Reigning champion of the Billy T Award and the look-a-like contest, it's David Correos! We tangent about Christchurch, talk nudity at dinner shows and injuring children on the set of What Now. It's all here!

See DAVID CORREOS IS GOING FULL CORREOS in Auckland May 3-6 & Wellington 16-20: https://www.comedyfestival.co.nz/find-a-show/david-correos-is-going-full-correos/



April 24, 2017

GET NASTY: Nasty Women is an all female lineup show and winner of the Best Show at the Comedy Carnival, the only award that actually matters (sorry Best Greenroomer). And we got to chat with all of them  at once! Listen in as six kickass women take the reins. Folks, this is the Nasty Roundtable. Rate, review & respect.

Featuring: Liv McKenzie (@liv_ingthadream), Emma Cusdin, Georgina Sivier, Brittany Cardwell, Ashleigh Blair and Jessica Jean. Moderated by Angel Jordan (@Jordyce).


33 — Jessica Jean Shaw

April 17, 2017

She might not have won the South Island RAW competiton, but she'll definitely win your heart. Jess Shaw is here to tell us all about her strange wine drinking buddy.


32 — James Mustapic

April 10, 2017

He's a comedian and videographer(?). You might know James Mustapic (@JamesMustapic @ShameOnJames) from Shorty Street Scandal, Repressed Memories or as a 2016 RAW Finalist.

Make sure to check him out at Jokes B4 Blokes in Auckland at the Comedy Fest from 9-13 May. https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2017/may/jokes-b4-blokes


31 — Renee Church… Ugh

April 3, 2017

In an ode to Comedy Bang! Bang!*, Renee Church bursts into the studio unannounced to interrupt what would've been a great solo episode along with another shocking guest... from beyond the grave!?

* Not in any way affiliated with Earwolf. Unless they want us to be!


30 — Geefawl Returns

March 28, 2017

Howard Stern's illegitimate son Geefawl returns to chat about Roast Battle and the Nintendo Switch. But you don't care about that. You want more of his legendary PRANK CALLS!


29 — Snap presented by RuseWebsites

March 20, 2017

International sex icon Snap presented by RuseWebsites joins us to talk about how crazy his name is and the upcoming Comedy Carnival.

Learn more at http://www.comedycarnival.co.nz/
Tickets available at http://suchcrowd.co.nz/


28 — Shen Mansell

March 13, 2017

Master of Christchurch's legendary Alvarado's Open Mic, Shen Mansell guides us through the history of a Canadian Student in New Zealand, and his horrifying first time performing comedy.

Also, go like Christchurch Comedy on Facebook for upcoming pro gigs and open mics: https://www.facebook.com/chchcomedyrebuild/


27 — Liv McKenzie Returns

March 6, 2017

Oh, Hello. Liv McKenzie (@liv_ingthadream) returns to teach you how crying as a foreigner will get you anything, roasting and how she'd love to be Solange.